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At the end of 2014, a process for a new strategy was initiated by the MVA Board of Directors in order to find a new direction for the organization and streamline its activities accordingly. For Medicon Valley and its triple helix stakeholders to be a serious contender in the highly competitive global life science race, the cluster needed to strengthen its ability to foster regional collaboration. At the same time there was a need to help reinforce the integration between Skåne and the Capital Region of Denmark through a distinct focus on our scientific strongholds. Today, MVA is the only organization dedicated to bring Danish-Swedish life science together and the organization can be described as a marketplace where stakeholders can meet, exchange experience, join forces in projects, assimilate information, and visualize business potentials. MVA works for a deepened collaboration between Swedish-Danish research teams based on the region's scientific strongholds, such as for instance cancer research.


Cancer research is Europe’s fastest and largest growing field, with 23 % of first round venture investments being commanded by companies focused on this area. Seen from a regional perspective, oncology research is one of the areas were Medicon Valley has a competitive edge with several successful initiatives, such as CREATE Health, MAD for Cancer and Sino Danish Breast Cancer Research Center. Medicon Valley is also home to more than 25 organisations focusing on cancer research, which collectively have over 75 therapeutic compounds in the pipeline.


However, one of the major challenges for many of the region's oncology companies is that they are often small and underfinanced and several members of Medicon Valley Alliance, working with oncology have aired an interest in a forum for more specific professional and social networking within oncology. At MVA’s Annual Meeting in 2015, Prof. Nils Brünner at Copenhagen University and Prof. Carl Borrebaeck at Lund University called for action and the idea of an MVA Oncology Network was born!


In the following months, MVA started to work close together with the two professors with the ambition to launch the new network focusing on best practice, experience and current challenges for public-private collaboration and the path from preclinical findings to clinical trials and product to market in the Medicon Valley region. The long-term vision is to see a new Astra or Genmab emerge in the region, and the MVA Oncology Network should be seen as the first step to stimulate new cross-border collaborations and to bridge the gap between industry and academia within the field of cancer research.


In September 2016, professors, PI’s and corporate level executives from the regional oncology eco-system, were invited to the first meeting in MVA Oncology Network. 65 participants attended the first meeting and 90 participants registered for the second meeting in January 2017. The high interest and the positive feedback indicates that the MVA Oncology Network is here to stay and forms a valuable contribution to the realization of MVA’s new strategy.


Participation is free of charge for Medicon Valley Alliance member companies and organizations. Non-member organizations and companies are welcome to attend one event to evaluate if membership of the network is relevant. By becoming a member of Medicon Valley Alliance, organizations will automatically be able to join the MVA Oncology Network.


The network will meet three times a year with agendas to be decided on an ongoing basis by the network participants. As a rule, the meetings will be hosted by the members of the network, and on special occasions by Medicon Valley Alliance.


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