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Mød ICDK på årets TechBBQ Digital 17.-18. sep.
Nyheder 15. september 2020 af Cluster Excellence Denmark

Innovation Centre Denmark (ICDK) deltager på årets TechBBQ – techbbq.dk – d. 17. og 18. september, som i år foregår som en digital konference. ICDK har en virtuel stand, hvor man kan chatte med medarbejdere og arrangere 1-1 møder. Her kan man bl.a. høre nærmere om de muligheder, som centrene tilbyder startups, der ønsker at afsøge det internationale marked. 

ICDK afholder desuden to sessions, hvor centrene vil gå i dybden med hhv. tech scouting og sundhedsinvesteringer efter corona:

Torsdag den 17. september kl. 12:10 – 12:40: International tech scouting 

As an international anchor, Innovation Centre Denmark not only helps Danish start-ups to explore the aboard market and opportunities, but also expand the demand from foreign local companies who need Danish solutions.

For this panel discussion session, ICDK Munich and Shanghai will share their specific projects and experience on how they collaborate with German and Chinese local partners to tech scout Danish start-ups.

Fredag d. 18. september kl. 16:20 – 16:50: Attracting international health investments post-corona: Future trends from Tel Aviv and Boston

While the spread of COVID-19 put the world to a halt and made the world economy suffer, investments in the healthcare sector is slowly starting to surge. However in a landscape that looks radically different than before.

Organised by Innovation Centre Denmark in Boston and Tel Aviv this session brings investors from two of the world’s strongest life science innovation ecosystems to speak about future investment trends.

Discussions will include international perspectives on future trends in healthcare, tools for how to develop a sustainable business plan in a post-corona world and advice to start-ups on current tech developments. 

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